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Easter Sunday and Holy Week Ends

Holy week arrives at its end, today, after we lived seven days of pure intensity where everyone spoke of Jesus and his life, as well as about the good things he performed for us. Cuzco and its people close out Holy Week with the last day of the week, Easter Sunday. On this beautiful day we say goodbye to the Holy Week we have shared among family and friends.

On this holiday people still continue to enjoy the delicious meals that are prepared to honor Jesus. Everyone does so with a lot of faith, remembering the day in which everything began. That was on Monday when the Lord of Temblors came out in procession through par of the city and everyone gathered in the Plaza de Armas to receive his blessing.

Besides all the spectacular programs that were carried out nationally people also enjoyed delicious empanadas and exquisite desserts. These brought pleasure to all the people of Cuzco during Holy Week.

The San Pedro market is one of the largest places that offer these magnificent sweets. During Holy Week the people who sell them occupy stands on one whole aisle within the market. The men and women who dedicate themselves to this work of selling these precious sweets during Holy Week make up a kind of gastronomic festival where the basic meal offered is maicillos, empanadas, condesas, and all the other delicacies eaten this week.

On Friday, just like every other year, people made the best twelve dishes that anyone could imagine. This day and Thursday are named holidays by the government so that everyone can get together in their family and enjoy this feast at home. Friday is the principal day of the two. That is when people fast until midday to help God. Then they begin to enjoy the twelve traditional dishes that are typical of our city.

Once this beautiful and long day ends we finish a wonderful, weeklong, feast and must return to work. Now we await the traditional feasts of Cuzco that will not be long in appearing.




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