Drunken March Tumbles towards the Season’s Change

March is when the rains begin to wind down. We have had wonderful rains this year. Thanks to them we can appreciate spectacular scenery and lots of rainbows, especially when the season changes. When it is raining, from one moment to another, unpredictably, the sun breaks through with its strong rays and makes the sky open up and we enjoy the glory of an array of colors, the beautiful rainbow.

As the season changes the rains begin to say goodbye with every drop that falls and waters the gardens of our Cuzco. Whether a hard rain or long lasting light rain we have enjoyed it this season. These light rains that are common in this month we call the female rains of March. The female rain, lluvia hembra we call it, is characterized by being almost a drizzle and being long lasting. They fall from the heavens just to water our gardens and fields. They can continue all night and through the day with no problem.

At the same time we also enjoy the male rains, lluvias machos. Many people prefer these. They are characterized by falling heavily but for only a short period. These are also the ones that make us fear. When the heavens open up, enormous balls of hail fall sometimes and there are also strong and violent sounds from thunder and the sharp light of lightning.

This will be the last month for a while in which we can feel and observe these marvels of nature. They will leave us for a long time and then will once again enter our path as the seasons change again just like every other year.

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