Double Honors for Cuzco

Cuzco continues to receive recognition throughout the world.  Our Imperial City was elected the “Best Place to Visit” and the “Most Accessible Destination” in Central and South America by US News and World Report in its Travel Section.

We celebrate this double play. More than 214 million persons are expected to become aware f this important ranking in this major news magazine.  Cuzco was rated this year above the great Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.  You can check the links here.

This is a matter of great pride for all of Peru and especially for the people of Cuzco who work hard to give the best service.  The magic of this heavenly place and the warmth and love of its people that make this a place of peace and tranquility.

These new honors commit us to continue to work hard.  We have much to improve and are motivated to continue forward so that our land will continue to receive the whole world’s praise.

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