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Doña Pepa´s Turrón, a Peruvian Tradition

October is the month in which tradition dictates people consume the famous turrón de Doña Pepa. In the city of Cuzco our various pastry shops and bakeries make and deliver to market this treat. You can also find it in supermarkets, traditional markets, and neighborhood stores. It seems to be on display everywhere throughout the whole month.

This traditional sweet from Lima for October comes under the label of different brands and with different flavors. There are turrons with a synthetic, that is industrial, flavor for example. Even though it may look the same, it is easy to grasp the difference between one of these and a hand made one.

Doña Pepa's Turrón
Traditional Peruvian sweet, Doña Pepa’s Turrón

It is best when the dough is soft. It falls apart in your mouth with the combination of chancaca syrup and the sweets. It creates an agreeable taste on your palate. The turrón keeps for various day, but its flavor is best when it is freshest.

The turrón Doña Pepa is formed from three or more logs made from flour put together as if in the game Jenga, only they are bathed in syrup on each layer. The miel, as syrup is called, is made from a kind of raw sugar, chancaca. They are also decorated with sprinkles and other colorful bits of candy. The decorations should be in a variety of sizes and colors, and may even have messages. This dessert is a world of colors and is tempting.

It is also known as the turrón of the Lord of Miracles, whose feast we celebrate this month.

We usually eat it along with a cup of coffee with milk. Children and adult alike love its flavor. We also tend to buy this and take it as a gift to friends and family members.

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