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A Delightful Quinoa Pudding in Cusco

Quinoa was a basic part of our ancestors’ diet and is still part of their Andean descendants’ life. We have found a variety of dishes in which to use his wonderful grain so rich in vitamins.

Quinoa pudding, what we call mazamorra, is not as popular as those that come in boxes and packets, but it is a wonderful alternative for your health. In the city of Cusco there are a few places that sell this sweet dessert. I have had it twice.

On the Tres Cruces de Oro Street there is a small café by the name of Sasariy. It is characterized by using natural products from our region. With these they make a variety of desserts. When I arrived there the sky was clouded over and it was chilly. I was walking down the street when I saw a door with colorful lettering showing different options. They had cold drinks, coffee, juices, grain puddings, quinoa pudding, and more. The small establishment has two tables by each other and a bar where clients can sit and enjoy their offerings. On their walls their pictures line up to give color in the background. Their glass cases fill with temptations lie the desserts that shine like honey.

Once seated and looking at their menu, the quinoa pudding called my attention. Adriana, who served me, said it was a “good choice. We just finished making it. I hope you like it.” When she brought me my serving, I could still see steam rising from the flowery porcelain cup. It looked creamy and delicious. The raisins, cinnamon, and quinoa gave it a pleasing aroma.

From the first spoonful to my mouth, the quinoa seeds were soft and creamy and had a delicate flavor as they joined with the raising and he chancaca, molasses sugar that sweetens the dessert. As I was leaving, I went to the register and asked Adriana how they made this delicious pudding. She kindly gave me the recipe.

Quinoa Pudding Dessert (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Quinoa Pudding Dessert (Walter Coraza Morveli)


chancaca (or dark brown sugar)
cinnamon stick,
soy milk or other vegetarian milk,
ground cinnamon


Wash the quinoa well and boil it for ten minutes in water. Dissolve separately the grated chancaca in water which covers it. Add the cinnamon stick, and cloves and heat until you form a light syrup. Then mix it with the quinoa, after removing the cloves and cinnamon stick. Add raisins and butter. After it comes to a boil sprinkle ground cinnamon on it.

The second time I tried this wonderful pudding I made it at home. It turned out to be just like what I ate in the café Sasariy. It was good and I neither had to add or subtract ingredients.

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