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Delicious Food Served up in Cusco’s Streets

Many people fear that eating in the street is un-hygienic, while for others it is the same as eating in a restaurant. Today there is more street food on offer than ever before. In all our markets the number of vendors of different dishes has grown to fill any available space.

With their beautiful carrying cloths, their queperinas, in intense colors, they wrap their pots of food to keep them hot. From 3/S on you can find delicious food in the street, well served and with a wonderful flavor. The vendors serve up their preparations with much kindness and joy.

Eating a Delicious Food in the Street
Eating a Delicious Food in the Street (Hebert Huamani Jara)

In the Rosas Pata Market, beginning around 5 PM, you will find the casera, the vendor, Carmen. She, along with her youngest son, Diego, brings her dishes to prepare them and serve them up. Her small kitchen is located right before you enter the market’s doors. It includes a colorful canister of gas, a table covered with blue cloth and three plastic seats for her clients. She makes up a variety of dishes right there on the spot. There are soups and main courses. When you finish eating the dish, Carmen gives you a hot and delicious herb tea. Every day she makes different teas from natural herbs and always sweetens it with a bit of stevia.

Under some archways of the Plaza de Armas you will find vendors every night who sell their different dishes. They are served in curious and medium sized disposable white containers. They sit of the corners or door steps beneath the arches accompanied by a large bag and much cloth so that the containers of food stay warm. The cost of each container is 5/S. Mainly it is the security of the discotheques around the Plaza and others employed there who consume these meals.

Delicious Food Served in a Market, Caldo de Gallina Soup (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Delicious Food Served in a Market, Caldo de Gallina Soup (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Street food is not bad nor, much less, un-hygienic despite what many people may think without knowing. The caseras cook delicious food and they just seek to make a little bit of money with the magic they have in their hands.

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