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Deep Purple and Refreshing, Peru’s Chicha Morada

Varied cold drinks are available to slake the thirst of the people of Cusco every day. On street corners and in the markets you can find these refreshing and cool elixirs to satisfy any person’s thirst. One of the best of all that are sold by our caseras (vendors) is our chicha morada.

This purple and fruity delight is a natural drink. It is made from purple corn, a variety indigenous to Peru and the corn is the fundamental ingredient, not just some add on. Other important ingredients are cloves and cinnamon, as well as pineapple peel, green apples, and lime juice.

It claims an intense and yet soft taste. When you take a sip you experience a pure and concentrated flavor that gives your palate a unique sensation of satisfaction.

Because of its extraordinary taste it is the favorite drink of lots of people. It is consumed very often and not just in the places where people tend to sell soft drinks. It is also made up in Cusco’s homes and is shared by the family after a delicious lunch, for example.

The caseras who seel this wonderful drink that is so typical of Peru in regular sized buckets of transparent color from which they scoop up glasses of purple, jeweled delight. The caseras prefer transparent buckets since, they say, these are one of their methods of sale. People can look and see the deep purple color of the chicha and get tempted without the casera having to verbally offer the drink to them.

Peru's Famous Purple Corn
Peru’s Famous Purple Corn

Chicha morada is sold in medium sized glasses. On the top of the drink you will find, floating, small cubes of apple to give you an additionalbite of flavor. The cost if 1/S per glass.

This beverage is recognized and found throughout Peru. People consider it one of our best drinks and one of the finest flavors in the world. It is a fine pleasure to drink it by itself or along with some other treat.

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