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Day of the Living Celebrated with Lechón and Family Joy

Pork Roast, Lechon
Pork Roast, Lechon

After having celebrated the Day of Creole Song and the stupendous Witches Night, now people get ready to enjoy the great feast of All Saints, Todos Santos. Today, November first we celebrate the first part of the fiesta, the Day of the Living.

On this beautiful day all those who still breathe celebrate life as never before. It is such a special day and people enjoy it along with their family and friends. The vast majority of the city’s people decide to stay home in order to share the day with great joy.

Before today the families will have given the family’s children their big breads specially made for sale these days in different shapes we call pan wawa or muñeca (bread baby or doll) and the pan caballo (bread horse). The babies are given to girls and the boys receive the horses. The people who bake and constantly innovate on this attractive and delicious bread make them in different sizes and designs according to the economy and taste of their clients.

Everyone in the family enjoys today a wonderful meal of lechón, roast pork. This dish that is typical of our city is found on the tables of most cusqueños today. It is our tradition to eat it on the Day of the Living and everyone known it. For days before hand people seek out the pork meat since as the day comes closer it rises in price.

To celebrate this feast you only need a piece of lechón, a savory tamale and a sweet one as well as an enjoyable morralla (small fish). This satisfies people.

On this special day our caseras (vendors) go out into the streets and markets to sell our typical lechón. In this way those who do not know how to make up the dish or did not have time to do so can still enjoy it.

After having enjoyed a wonderful, festive lunch the fiesta continues. Music and drink must never be lacking. People listen to the music they enjoy and drink the refreshment they most enjoy, such as chicha, frutillada (strawberry chicha), and beer. After having drunk a little bit people enter more into the pleasure of the feast and begin to dance with much joy. At these times their pains and sorrows pass into forgetfulness and people wear beautiful smiles that are reflected on their faces as they enjoy the present.

With a delicious meal of lechón, special breads, music, and drink as well as most importantly, the company of your family, people enjoy this spectacular day with lots of pleasure and joy. At the same time they make plans for how they will celebrate the next day and share it with the dead.

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