Cuzco’s Women Keep the City Working

Women are the most precious people in Cuzco. Our mothers are very wise and tend to do everything for us. They share with the community and with their people. They are the image of our Andean land in which our culture and tradition is very strong.

Known as mamachas, dear little mothers, or as mantay, my grandmother, the traditional women are treated with much respect. An example are the caseras, our vendors in the markets and elsewhere, who are always dressed colorfully and beautiful. They cultivate great charisma and are always warm, friendly and smiling. That is the image of the women of Cuzco.

Whatever their work, they wake up early to make a living for that day and seek, as we say, the bread of each day. In their hard work and sacrifice they are a great example for all of us as well as for the new generations that are rising up.

The Caseras Sell Quinoa Seeds Every Mornings at Wanchaq Market (Walter Coraza Morveli)
The Caseras Sell Quinoa Seeds Every Mornings at Wanchaq Market.
Mama Josefina Offering Her Bread
Mama Josefina Offering Her Bread

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