Cuzco’s High Season of Celebrations Begins

In a majestic and beautiful ceremony this last Monday Cuzco announced the festivities it will carry out this year. The crowd was large and filled the space by the Qoricancha at 11 in the morning. Police protected the site and municipal authorities as well as those of EMUFEC, the municipal body responsible for festivities, announced the festive calendar to all around, among them locals and tourists.

When Cuzco’s mayor, Carlos Moscoso Perea arrived at the Qoricancha the ceremony began with typical dances from the provinces of Cuzco. Students from Cuzco’s universities were in charge of presenting the different dances.

Photographers and journalists were there enjoying their job of watching the stage of Qoricancha and that which was presented. It was astounding and marvelous. Every time a dance was presented a young person announced the change of dance by blowing the pututu horn. That is an instrument much used by our ancestors to initiate ceremonies.

Beautiful Performance (Arnold Fernandez)
Beautiful Performance (Arnold Fernandez)

Not only did people dance by the Qoricancha, everything appeared as well on a big screen. Everyone who came received a calendar in which information about the Schedule of festivities was contained.

The first festival to be named is the Intiraymi presentation. This year there will be some changes to it in comparison with past years but the script will not vary. Following this the other feasts of this important season were named, including Corpus Christi and the Days of Cuzco.

In order to end the ceremony with a golden brush the Inca appeared and shared a few words that surprised all assembled. In this way our festive season began and will reach its fulfillment through May and June.

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