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Cuzco’s Favorite Chicken Soup Makes Mornings

The best breakfast in Cuzco to start your day is a good, Cuzco-style chicken soup. While it is great everyday since it fills you with energy and nutrition, it is especially good on weekends, between 8 and ten am. This is even more so if you were out late, enjoying the night and raising drinks to wish your friends and family good fortune. It is a wonderful way to begin your week as well as it helps you shake off the Monday blues.

You can always tell people who are from highland, Cuzco families. They need this soup in the morning.

In Cuzco, this soup is very popular. Stands were it is sold fill from early in the morning with clients who sit and eat it, letting its steam surround them and its warmth fill them. Lovers of traditional food and those who have good taste or like something to help calm them after a night of excess love this soup. Its concentrated flavor and nutrition please the palate of its fans.  It renews their reserves of energy and keeps them going all day.

Our chicken soup always carries chicken thighs, drumsticks, breasts, wings, and other pieces of free-range hen. It also has  rice, carrots, potatoes, moraya (white freeze-dried potatoes) and yuca. It is substantial and its flavor and taste vary from cook to cook according to the secret ingredients they use to flavor it or give it an aroma.

Thanks to our caseras (vendors), mamachas (traditionally-dressed women), and our mantays (grandmothers) we are constantly spoiled with this delicious, energizing food, every day. It fills our mornings with pleasure and renews our drive so our days are full of success. We love this wonderful chicken soup. It is Cuzco.



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