Cuzco the Magestic Won Honors

The Imperial City of Cusco was lauded recently by Trip Advisor.  The influential website named it the second best destination in South America, following Buenos Aires, in its 2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards.  It stated:

<<The majestic city and region of the Incas also won recognition for six hotels of the top twenty-five hotels in South America.  More importantly two of its hotels received recognition and honors as the fifth and tenth best hotels of the top twenty-five in the world>>

These outstanding hotels are the Amazing Belmond Plaza Nazarenas in the City of Cuzco, a jewel in the city’s crown, and the Tambo del Inka in nearby Sacred Valley town of Urubamba.

Cuzco continues to receive well deserved honors by international agencies.  The city and its region are graced by Machu Picchu and yet they are so much more than simply a staging ground for visiting the unique city on a mountain. Cuzco has glories, even in a continent filled with marvels, that draw international travelers and make it a must see destination in the bucket list of the twenty-first century.

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