Cuzco Celebrates World Tourism Day

First thing in the morning, September 27th, the Regional Directorate of Tourism (DIRCETUR) will appear in Cuzco’s Velazco Astete airport as well as in the city’s bus terminal to surprise the first tourists to arrive this day with music, traditional dances, and special surprises. They wish to give them a festive reception in honor of World Tourism Day.

Just as in other year’s celebrations of World Tourism Day DIRCETUR will sponsor cultural activities, social activities and surprise numbers in the Plaza de Armas, Cuzco’s Main Square, to receive warmly the tourists who come to our city and are the economic base of much of its life. They also wish to make it a day for all to enjoy.

One of the principle ends of the celebration in Cuzco is to generate attention for new tourist attractions as well as recognize tourists as honored guests by giving them prizes and surprise gifts.

Tourists See the Sights of Cuzco
Tourists See the Sights of Cuzco

World Tourism Day has been celebrated for decades now on September 27th to honor that day as the date in 1970 when the governing statues of the United Nations World Tourism Organization were adopted. That organization annually sponsors this day globally and in the host country carries out an official celebration with conferences and discussion. This year the main event is taking place in Maspalomas, Spain under the theme “Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development”. Nevertheless, Cuzco will also host celebrations.

Tourists in Cuzco
Tourists in Cuzco

Tourism is one of the world’s most important economic activities, although it has not always been so. Indeed the massive travel of people around the world for tourism became one of the most important phenomena of the last century and continues to grow in this one . As a result, tourism has a stake in all the great issues of today’s world, including sustainable development and the problem of energy. This year is a year that focuses, according to the United Nations on sustainable energy for all.

Wow. That Cathedral was Somethin'!
Wow. That Cathedral was Somethin’!

Cuzco, a city which depends on tourism for its economic well being even though Cuzco as the largest city in the region and the seat of government has a strong economy beyond tourism, celebrates this day as a means of recognizing and honoring this important economic and social activity. It is a day for everyone, tourists and locals, to celebrate.

In Today’s events the Best Tourism Agency will be named in recognition of having given outstanding service through the year to tourists.

Hi Cutie
Hi Cutie

This celebration will not be simply a day, but will last through the end of the month. Activites continue forward with events such as gastronomic festivals, expositions and displays, parades, competitions and more so that all, visitors and locals may enjoy it to the fullest.

We will continue to give you news of the activities along with photos and articles of what is carried out today and coming days. DIRCETUR’s schedule is here.

Resting from a Day of Travel
Resting from a Day of Travel


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