Cuzco Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Every 14th of February we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, also called the Day of Friendship and the Day of Lovers. It is a special day much awaited by people in the city of Cuzco. We celebrate it with our special someone on this day filled with love.

Merchants and store owners open early to sell to the fullest since everyone goes out to buy something for their loved one. The center of Cuzco fills with people, as a result.

On this day, people decorate with red balloons shaped like hearts. Chocolates and stuffed animals also take over the city. Restaurants and chicken shops are ready to please the palates of all the lovers of our city.

Roses for Your Love
Roses for Your Love


Our parks and plazas are other special places where couples go to spend time together on this marvelous day.

Some of the couples who are married or living together spend today in their home enjoying one of Cuzco’s favorite festive foods, the tallarin al horno, or baked fetuccine. They also drink a few beers and party at home.

After couples have spent the day together and dusk falls, our discotheques and bars, all well decorated, ready their music and polish their glasses for couples to come and enjoy the night dancing and celebrate their love.

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