Cusco Rejected Keiko Fujimori and Drove Her Away

By Cuzco Eats

Last evening around 6:30 PM, groups of youth and from opposing political parties gathered to show their opposition to the candidacy of the Fuerza Popular Party headed up by Keiko Fujimori who is running for Peru’s presidency.

Last night a rally of the orange party, the Fuera Popular, was planned and for it were programmed musical groups, fireworks, and a speech by the candidate, Keiko Fujimori. Nevertheless, her opposition also arrived at that plaza and their strength made her and her party suspend their rally.

With drums, whistles, and placards the opposition showed its rejection of the rally. Large groups gathered in the city’s different plazas and then marched while shouting slogans of rejection of Fujimori and her party. The city’s streets resounded with their calls and they arrived en masses at the Plazoleta of Santiago, where they outnumbered those who supported Fujimori.

Protesting Agains Keiko Fujimori (Photo: Adrian Peralta)
Protesting Agains Keiko Fujimori (Photo: Adrian Peralta)

The organization of the opposition protest began on social media. The marchers indicated the people of Cusco still have memory and dignity. They have not forgotten the assassinations of La Cantuta, Barrios Altos, and other atrocities that took place during the presidency of her father, Alberto Fujimori.

The placards said: “Out of Cuzco Asian Thief” (China Rata), Fuji Thief, Return our Money”, “We Will Never Forget the Tortures, Sacking, and Sterilizations”, “Fujimori, Never Again”, “Keiki, Cusco Repudiates You”, and many more that showed indignation.

At 7:30 PM when the Orange Party’s leader went on stage, confrontations began just a few meters from where Keiko Fujimori stood. A shower of rotten eggs, bottles, and more, convinced her to abandon the stage and leave after less than 10 minutes on it.

After her departure the signs and banners of the Orange Party were burned. A large group of demonstrators followed Keiko Fujimori to her hotel where they continued loudly demonstrating Cusco’s rejection of her into the night.

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