Cusco: Places of peace and tranquility

In the city of Cusco there are several places to feel the tranquility that one desires. If you are stressed with the saturation of noise from cars and the movement of people, you have several options to go to, breathe fresh air, and feel calm in connection with Mother Earth.

There is no need to get on a bus and travel for a couple of hours. You can visit the Temple of the Moon, Saqsaywaman, Qenqo, and others. These are at a maximum of twenty minutes walking from the historic center.

Nowadays you see local people and tourists going up to these places just to get away. They are located in the northeast area. In order to have a good time, forget about the traffic of the city and learn more about our culture.

In addition to these areas is a river that bears the name of Miskawara. This river is also a good option for finding peace and calm. It is nice to be next to this river, feel and hear those breezes of humid breeze that runs over you. It is also good the cold natural water and let it run over your body.

When you start a tour to any of these places you will find beautiful landscapes, huacas, and animals that will make the walk more intense and entertaining.

If you are tired of the daily routine there are some good options to visit any day of the week and of course find out more about the history of these amazing places.

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