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Teachers took the plaza Tupac Amaru
Teachers took the plaza Tupac Amaru

These last few days has been a lot of talking about Peru in the press, especially because this holiday season, a time when many tourists come to visit Cusco. In the past, many of the Peruvian news media, especially the most commercial; that is to say the most read, heard and viewed, or sold and have, unfortunately, for the people of Cusco, made sensational news of the latest developments in the city of Cusco, especially concerning the teachers strike.

But for friends and visitors who have come to Cusco to relax, it is causing a bit of anxiety. It shouldn’t be so. Although it is true the media generate much alarm, they should dispense of their bad methods of reporting half-truths. Or are media interests more important than recounting the facts of the circumstances? It is a matter of outrage for myself as well as probably more than one citizen in Cusco that the front page headlines on world news about Peru highlights violent demonstrations of teachers when this has clearly not been the situation.

It is clearly a sample of the situation in which the media finds itself immersed Peru; among the most prominent news transmitted to the international levels include the attempt to reach the Huaca of Machu Picchu by teachers who are on strike, a measure chosen by workers of the the ministry of education of this nation, especially in the Cusco region. Although they were gradually joined other departments of the country, and there are 13 departments that are on strike of the 25 departments of Peru. Teachers who opted for this measure, especially in Cusco, have been for more than forty days in this strike, without obtaining more than repressive responses on the part of the minister of education. Although, the minister has not even chosen to talk face to face with the leaders of the teacher union, but who has chosen to react by simple  repression by force.

The claims of the teachers are mainly due to the lack of increase in wages. In Peru the budget for education is one of the lowest compared with other budgets for departments of the Peruvian State. The Peruvian press in the capital of Peru has described the protests as violent protests, but between the commitments taken by teachers, the strike has been highlighted the fact that they are carrying out their protests in a peaceful manner; not only the leadership, but those who have joined forces with them.

Although, it is true that the strike  generates a certain discomfort to visitors, and it is obvious that no one likes to walk in his first day in Cusco, much less have his tour delayed, in reality, the situation is not so serious as the media has created in their bold headlines. From them people would  think that Cusco is in a state of emergency, that the situation is chaotic, or that it is not worth going to Cusco at this time. In fact at this time you can better appreciate the human collective that emerges from the Peru, concentrated in the city of Cusco, as in the days of the Qosqo. People can appreciate why  the teachers gather to the center of the Tahuantinsuyo, as this is a historical and traditional center for the country. Many compatriots in other regions have gathered in the city of Cusco as a backup to the protest by the teachers, who are not the only ones who protest in the country, also the doctors came to stake claim for a health care system that is in an emergency. The country’s transportation system has been intervened by various protests in recent days, but in spite of that, the  current situation in the country, is peaceful.

In spite of the disagreement that experienced every Peruvian, remember, friends and visitors, that the Peruvian is a joyful and optimistic man these days are holidays! For the anniversary of independence of Peru, although many think and do not find that they live in a town completely independent, outside of all its vicissitudes, Peruvians celebrate their fiestas in the midst of problems, but with the joy that characterizes each Peruvian. So, again, remember, dear friends and travelers that the marvelousness that is in Cusco is not only its cyclopean constructions, but the warmth emanating from the locals, those descendants of the Incas. They set up a diverse world around Cusco, and Peruvians still celebrate the diversty. Do not be discouraged friends, Cusco is worthwhile not only because of its architecture.

Visit, learn about the interior of the Cusco, communities, the heights, see with their own eyes the Peruvian reality, the latent reality described by José María Arguedas and which still persists in Peru; Cusco particularly can show you the highlands and the jungle, also enjoy the exotic beauty, and do not be alarmed if it is true there are protests, but the Peruvian government It has to solve them, remember that the Cusco awaits you  with open arms and Happy Holidays.

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