Cusco and the New Year

The celebration of the last day of the year 2018 has already begun. The people who live in Cusco, as usual, will go out to the streets to observe the new and beautiful year.

The tradition of the new year that is lived in Cusco is that you start the year with something new at home or on the body. Apart from that, there are several customs that are always practiced in this end of the year celebration.

In my family, we tend to carry out some customs: for example, in my home we delight in a dinner at the end of the year. Then, when the clock strikes twelve o’clock, we toast with champagne and sweet cookies, we light fireworks, and then we delight in twelve green grapes.

As usual we eat a lot of delicious food. In my house we usually make roast pork. In other houses they make turkey, chicken broth or any other main dish. All these are eaten after we enjoy panettone with a cup of milk chocolate to sweeten the last day of this year that for many was the best or worst of years.

People look forward to the beginning of the next year and thus start with more energy to achieve the goals they have made. Many people are already planning how the first day of the new year will begin.

Young people will close the old year with a flourish. They will receive the new year in the main plaza in discotheques, bars and cantinas enjoying to the maximum the last hours remaining for the old year.

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