Cusco and Its New Entrepreneurial Tourism

Meditation in a Temple (Huaca - Templo de la Luna) Mistic Turism

Meditation in a Temple (Huaca – Templo de la Luna) Mistic Turism

Cusco is a city much visited by tourists from different parts of the world for the single reason of knowing the wonder of the world left by the Incas. The majority of visitors who come stay for just a few days while others only pass through the city before boarding the train to their main destiny.

They may only do the traditional tourist circuits in their passage through Cusco, such as the City Tour—a visit to our colonial core, and the main Inca temple and attractions: Saqsayhuaman, Qoricancha, and others. We hope they will become enchanted with out city. In truth they only get to know a small part of what our valley has to offer. It is surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests, and Inca temples.

National Tourist, View of Cusco City from a Huaca
National Tourist, View of Cusco City from a Huaca

The idea is what my friends and I have always said. Cusco has many attractions that are of great important and amazing places to get to know. You can enjoy outings, walks, hikes, and cultural exchange.

In Cusco, as a result, there is a new tourist demand that is different from the traditional offerings. The majority of tourists are tired of the old way. They complain that the old system is boring and monotonous with old, tired, and bored guides. Things are now changing in the hands and mouths of young guides who are entrepreneurs. They have created new themes for a fresh and original tourism for all who wish to have a true experience.

An example is a guided walking tour through Cusco’s traditional neighborhoods. You will see the original and most Cusqueño of places, including its chicherías and picanterías in which the cultural identity of the people of the city is manifested. You will have a chance to learn about the preparation of chicha from corn. You will also learn about the process of fermentation of this transcendent drink that comes to us from our ancestors. You will live a moment of dynamic cultural exchange.

The Chicha Route in Cusco
The Chicha Route in Cusco

Another example includes the free strolls through the Inca temples and huacas. They are laid out along the old Inca highway that is now considered the patrimony of humanity. It joins Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Peru. You find the its beginnings on Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, its main square. From there it climbs into mountains where you find the Inca temples. The tour shows the importance of every huaca and it functions and harmony with the Pachamama and nature. The tourists learn in this way the spirituality built into the temples and huacas and offerings to them. They will offer k’intus of coca. Tourists will experience our mystique and spiritual ways.

The Cusco entrepreneurs are changing the face of tourism. They carry out more dynamic activities and tours that are more attractive to tourists and better share our traditions and ways.

The Route of the Inca Temples (Huacas) Mystic Tourism
The Route of the Inca Temples (Huacas) Mystic Tourism

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