Cusco, a City of Magic and Wonder, Lives on in Its Children

A city of stone that lives in connection with nature, a beauty that within the Inca walls and temples keeps the knowledge of our legacy is maintained in the dreams and lives of its conscious children.

With every dawn you show this new generation the blue, red, and orange colors of your sky. They inspire us to continue the struggle, to continue working these fertile lands.

The children of our mother earth wait for dusk so they can dream of the return of the Inca, our Incari.

The sweet sound of the quena, a native flute, travels with the wind to the highest peaks of the mountains and snows carrying the message of rebirth for all Andean peoples.

The Sound of the Wind
The Sound of the Wind

There in our holy land the Andean masters, priests, make beautiful offerings. Along with song and devotion they pray for harmony and love for all their brothers and sisters. Their desires travel with the three leaves of coca, the k’intu, to the Apus, our gods.

The hummingbird, pure messenger of the gods, travels to connect with our spirits and to open dimensional doors of Andean life. They nourish all of our actions with love and passion. The essence of the hummingbird, the colibrí, is to search for the nectar of life.

Sunset in the Mountains of Cusco
Sunset in the Mountains of Cusco


Let's Live with Love
Let’s Live with Love

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