Curiosities of Holy Week

Easter is one of the most important religious festivals celebrated every year. This date means for many penance, processions, and prayer time remembering relevant events of the life of Jesus of Nazareth beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday. But in addition to tradition, passion and fervor, Easter hides some secrets and curiosities that you may never have heard about or wondered why.

Why every year does the date of Holy Week change?

Today many people try to invent answers to this question, but the real reason why the dates of this religious festival change is because of the lunar calendar. Specifically, it was established that Easter would be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first Moon that follows the spring equinox.

Why can meat not be eaten at Easter?

The flesh symbolizes the body of Christ so that in a sign of penance Christians suppress this food from their meals. The funny thing about this is that the Carnival or costume party is celebrated a few days before and its etymological origin is “carnevale” which means to get rid of the meat. For this reason during the carnival, protein-rich foods are consumed before being able to face the days of Lent.

Why are prisoners pardoned during Holy Week?

This is due to an alleged miracle that occurred in Malaga in 1759 when it was hit by an epidemic. Some prisoners decided to take one of the Steps and take it to the jail after the procession. From this act, mysteriously, the epidemic disappeared and with the miracle, the tradition appeared.

What is the origin of the hoods?

This curiosity goes to the time of the Spanish Inquisition. This cap was placed on the head of the condemned. It contained drawings different from the crimes committed by these. According to tradition the hat is long because because it makes the sinner is closer to heaven and God. In addition, the conned also had to cover their chests, their back, and theit face for having committed a crime against religion.

Easter has a multitude of customs and traditions throughout the world, and that makes it very interesting for the world and humanity.

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