Crafts Fair “Andean Hands”

Today, September 2, the long-awaited Handicraft Fair “Manos Andinas” began.

In the most important place of our Imperial City, the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, different artisan works made by Andean hands from all over the region are exhibited.

In this important place, you can see people of different nationalities and also local tourists, who came to visit the navel of the world to learn about its history, essence and mysticity, people are attracted by the artisan products that are exhibited by all around the square, in the different tents provisionally set up by the Municipality of Cusco.

The “Manos Andinas” fair, is organized by the Municipality of Cusco and EMUFEC, it is scheduled, which from today until Sunday 5, will be open to all people who like and appreciate handmade art, there you can find ceramic objects, imaginary, jewelry, vegetable fibers, musical instruments, jewelry and goldsmiths, masks, costume jewelery, metalwork, textiles, among many other handicrafts.

The vendors await you dressed in their typical local costumes, ready to serve you with patience, joy and good humor, they also invite the entire population in general to visit and be part of all this colorful craft fair.

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