Corpus Christi, 2016, The Entrance

Corpus Christi, the magnificent feast of Cusco, continues a long tradition.  Here we present a video of what is called the entrada, the entrance of the saints into the city’s Plaza de Armas and then into the cathedral.

San Sebastian (Walter Coraza Morveli)
San Sebastian (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The video begins in San Jeronimo, Cusco’s most removed district and follows the Saint, the Doctor of the Church, as he moves though San Sebastian.  The patron saint of that district then joins the procession.  He is a very heavy saint and is carried by bearers who go barefoot and rock the saint. 

From San Jeronimo the walk to downtown is around 10kms, while from San Sebastian it is 5kms.  In either case it is an exhausting trek, especially carrying the weight of the saint and when you do not walk but take buses or cars.

Normally, the two saints compete to see who will arrive first at the Plaza de Armas.  This year the competition was banned by the Church but people still dedicate enormous power and faith to get there quickly.

At the main square, these two saints are joined by others in the afternoon as the go into the Cathedral, to come out the next day, yesterday, for a procession and then once again, of the ocatava, the eighth day, return to their homes.

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