Congratulations and hugs to the “Comadres” on their day!

The day of the Comadres in the city of Cusco, is a fascinating celebration that overflows with color and joy in people, locals and visitors who walk the streets of our historic city, are attracted by this attractive and colorful custom that dates back to colonial times.

This celebration is the prelude to the main festival of the Cusco carnival that will be held this February 27, as is customary on the two Thursdays before Carnival Sunday, the compadres and comadres entertain each other, play, joke and drink all day long. day between them. To do this, they make life-size dolls with recycled material, these are displayed hanging on the poles of the traditional neighborhoods and local markets of the city or in some visible place where you can see the compadre or comadre that the doll represents.  

The dolls and dolls are made long in advance and in them the defects or characteristics of the people they represent are exaggerated, appearing extravagant and hilarious.

These celebrations with the passage of time have acquired unique characteristics in their allegories, of course never forgetting the true meaning of sharing and appeasing spirits between people.

Every year, as is customary on these dates, a great celebration envelops the people who come to the markets, squares and traditional neighborhoods. 

In the different traditional markets of the city, such as San Pedro, Cascaparo, Rosaspata or Huancaro, the fire of this popular custom is still felt, the celebration becomes colorful, the compadres and godchildren surprise the comadres by throwing colored flour, mistura (colorful pieces of paper), streamers and colorful foam that are only sold at these holidays. For this day, all the workers decorate their stalls with balloons and streamers.

In this celebration, the women are the main protagonists, they are surprised with different gifts that arrive from the men, in the same way the comadres surprise the compadres on their day.

For this day you cannot miss the good traditional food and drink of Cusco, in the supply centers and in some restaurants the special carnival dish, the stew, is served, accompanied by a refreshing strawberry or chicha de jora.

Many congratulations and hugs to all the comadres on your day, do not miss these customs where you play and share with respect and harmony.

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