Conflict in San Pedro Market over Handicrafts

A march unfolded unexpectedly in the city center of Cusco. A large number of people entered the square in protest. With banners and slogans they demanded that the San Pedro market be exclusively for sales of food. What the marchers proposed was that the craft stalls be exchanged for food.

For fifteen minutes the march claimed the main plaza in Cusco.

People held with an authoritative voice that the stands dedicated to selling crafts do not comply with the rules of the market. They reported that they did not pay the same amount of taxes. And, in addition, the market was created with the mission of only selling food for Cusqueño households.

This march was carried out in order that the crafts disappear from the San Pedro market completely. With the passing of time, the marchers indicated, there are craft stalls. They even mentioned that there was a little mafia in those decisions. They say that the marked is forced to change the food stalls for handicraft ones.

Protest in Cusco , San Pedro Market
Protest in Cusco , San Pedro Market

After making a passage around the square the protesters withdrew warning that if the city does not enforce the right thing or rather what they ask, they will come back to another march but with more people and they will unleash a continuous uproar. They will make their march occupy the portals of the main square of Cusco.

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