Commerce and Christmas Reign in Cusco

Buying Christmas Gift in Plaza de Armas During Santurantikuy
Buying Christmas Gift in Plaza de Armas During Santurantikuy


Sales are significantly up because of Christmas and the onset of New Year. The demand for goods has grown, whether to use yourself, to give away, or as decorations to put together you family’s nativity seen of Jesus’s birth.

Just one day away from Christmas Eve, some of Cusco’s streets are filled with the permission of the municipal authorities. The merchants have taken over some of the plazas and streets, such as The Puente Belen (The bridge to Belen), Pera Street, Tupac Amaru Street, the Plazoleta de San Blas, Santiago, San Sebastian, the Main Square of Cusco, and the popular markets and supermarkets. These are just some of the points of sales that are most popular.

Would you like a Taste a Piece of Panetón?
Would you like a Taste a Piece of Panetón?

These plazas and streets are dressed in color from the pedestrians who come to look or buy, from the products on sale, and because of the colorful, provisional stands. The products that get the most sales are the panetones (a Christmas sweet bread), chocolates, champagne, toys, clothing, decorations, colored lights, plants material and ceramic figures to make up the nativity scenes in Cusco’s homes.

When you are shopping time flies. At this time of the year you find yourself tempted by the great variety of products on offer to help you celebrate Christmas. Everyone notices the time and looks to the sides. Everything fills and it is a bit difficult to get through all the congestion from these traditional Christmas fairs.

Merchants arrive in this season, bringing products from the different cities of Peru, especially from its capital. Some of these manage to get secured sites while others go into the streets to do ambulatory sales.

To go out as a family at this time has become a tradition. Before the night of Christmas Eve, a majority of people looks to buy everything that is necessary in order to make up the Christmas dinner (generally served after midnight). The meals vary according to the tastes of each family. Some people prefer chicken soup (caldo de gallina), oven roasted turkey, roast pork, or just a simple cup of hot chocolate with a slice of paneton in family in order to celebrate the arrival of the baby Jesus.

A box of Paneton for Sale
A box of Paneton for Sale

During this month, the different state and private enterprises give an additional wage to their workers so that they can buy gifts and obtain all that is necessary in order to pass Christmas and New Years while sharing with each other.

This month, some merchants will put on the white beard and cap of Papá Noel, Santa Claus, in order to draw in customers. Others fine-tune their strategies by giving out special offers to reach the heart and pocket of consumers.

To dream of a slice of panetón, a glass of champagne, a cup hot chocolate, or baked turkey is to dream of Christmas and New Years. Its goal is always to share the feast in family.

Christmas and New Year are the most awaited festivities of the year. Both people and business anxiously await them.

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