Color and Fragrance Enliven Cuzco

Year round, whether in the rainy or dry seasons, the plazas of Cuzco are filled with color. Their flowers dress them in color and fragrance. The workers from the Municipality of Cuzco are careful to change them out every certain time. They also take good care of them year round so that the plazas form jewels of beauty for tourists and local people to spend time in and come out refreshed from the scent and color of nature.

In the time of rains, from November to March, not only are the plazas riots of color, the whole city fills with scent and a rainbow of hues. Fruit trees and flowers put on their best faces during this epoch of the year, whether in the city, the remote areas, rural zones, of in the archeological sites. Nature takes over the city and country and regales us with its glory and life. Mornings the fresh air that comes off the flowers and plants brings us a comforting feeling.

Cuzco’s avenues, parks, and plazas as well as the home gardens through out the city, fill with life. Even though it is a rainy time and a cold one for Cuzco’s inhabitants who bundle up, it is very comforting to wake up in the morning and see the gardens filled with life. The birds singing and the fresh scent make everything beautiful and happy.



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  1. Hi! I hope you can assist me in my quest.
    I am traveling back to Peru next year, to hike (see changes to Macchu Pichu and surrounding area). I was frustrated last time I was in Peru because I saw lots of beautiful wildflowers, but I did not have a wildflower guid e to help in identification. Are you aware of a good field guide to Peruvian wildflowers? Even if it’s in Spanish, I can use latin names and descriptions. I have looked online, I see Wildflowers of the Cordillera Blanca, but I cannot get a copy in the US. Frustrating. Thanks for any help you can give me. Linda Bily

    1. A goodl Field Guide to Peruvian wildflowers would be wonderful. Unfortunately I am not aware of any. If I run across one I will let you know.

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