Coconuts, Sugar Cane, Chirimoyas and More Sweeten Cuzco These Days

Besides all the goings on around the Plaza, June brought a season of fruit. A festival of fruit was even held by the San Pedro market to recognize and celebrate the amazing fruit of the season that has arrived in our city. These include sugar cane, coconut, chirimoya, pomegranates and more.

From the first of the month the merchants prepared to sell the seasonal fruit. Besides the vendors in set stalls in our markets, others set up in strategic places on our streets to make the fruit available to passersby. Nevertheless, the best places to find this fruit remain our markets.

Coconut Fruit (Wayra)
Coconut Fruit (Wayra)

Children are those who most enjoy this delicious fruit. Its appearance marks the change of seasons and the coming of this important season, especially the coconut and sugar cane. The family enjoyed the saints’ processions, eating chiriuchu the festive dish of the season and the fruit. Kids never get bored with the seasonal fruit.

You can see the children are happy, while carrying in their hands a piece of sugar cane while running here and there. They have fun all the while their parents are also enjoying their days in some part or another of the city and home.

The merchants not only bring fruit, they also bring products made from it, such as coconut cookies. These are delicious and are made from grated coconut. They come in little bags with four or five cookies for 1/S, or you can buy them in larger quantity.

Sugar Cane for Sale in the Street (Wayra)
Sugar Cane for Sale in the Street (Wayra)

Sugar cane is often sold peeled and cut into strips to save people time and let them enjoy the cane even more.

The evocative chirimoyas attract because of their color, texture, and ripeness. They do not pass by unseen. Their flavor is amazing, especially when the fruit is ripe.

Besides in the markets, you can also find this seasonal fruit in the city’s center, such as around the Plaza San Francisco and along the street between there and the San Pedro Market. Because of the sale of fruit our authorities close some streets near the market to let the vendors have more room.

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