Christmas, New Years, and Young People

Christmas, New Years, and Young People Christmas is here. A few days ago everything was shaking with energy. The movement of people was continuous. The population was all uproar and disorder.

This fiesta is dedicated to children and the whole family. They kids are in celebration. They are all anxious and happy. They know that their gifts are ready and there to surprise them. They know that Santa arrived at midnight bringing the Christmas spirit in a surprise.

Unlike children, young people find this as a normal day. They are doing the same things they usually do. Well not all. This is my opinion and also what I have been watching every year. They do not expect an amazing toy anymore. They feel happy with the new clothes that will premiere in the new year, which is the fiesta they really look forward to.

Christmas in Cusco, Qoricancha temple (foto: Walter Coraza)

The end of the year party is everything for many young people. They anxiously wait for the New Year as a child waits for Christmas. They know that the last day of the old year they will enjoy it to the fullest, but dancing and drinking among friends.

Some receive the new year inside a nightclub dancing. While others go to the Plaza to party with people from different countries. Where they are, it does not matter. The thing is to receive the year away from home, enjoying with the new friends of last year.

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