Christmas and Chocolate in Huayllarcocha

In Cusco, Christmas is love, peace, harmony, and prosperity. For days before Christmas Eve, people carry out small events in different places where they share with the children from Cusco’s rural communities.

For this opportunity, my friends and the “La Manada” collective organized a chocolatada in the community of Huayllarcocha where we shared and had fun with its children.

We took bizcochitos (sweet breads) and a hot chocolate. Then we played fun games to entertain the children. It was a day of joy and fun.

More than anything else, Christmas is a time to share with out small brothers and to at least take Christmas to the most remote areas of Cusco where they do not know Christmas. In this way we contribute to making a better world.

Here is the video we took of our Christmas with the children of Huayllarcocha.

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