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Chiriuchu Festival, The best of Cusco’s Traditional Food

Since yesterday, June 2, the traditional gastronomic fair of Chiriuchu, our flagship dish of Cusco and of the Corpus Christi Festival, has been taking place in the Plaza San Francisco del Cusco. It is shining today before the most demanding palates of our population who enjoy this cold dish on these traditional dates.

The Municipal Company of Celebrations of Cusco (EMUFEC) has been developing this important gastronomic festival, with more than 100 stalls, all respecting the protocols imposed by causes of the pandemic (Covid-19). All the Chiriuchu ducks that the homemade ones offer, are to take away and have a basic cost of 25 soles.

This representative dish is eaten cold, and among its ingredients are always present, the roasted guinea pig, the boiled chicken, the boiled jerky, seaweed, serrana sausage (tullan), jerky, torreja, a slice of cheese, chunks of hot peppers and the inevitable roasted corn (field).

Do not forget to try a chiriuchu dish on these festive dates, the chiriuchu festival is located in the Plaza San Francisco, this delight makes all of us Cusqueños proud and makes us be part of a great historical legacy.

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