The Changeable Weather of This Time of Year

The rainy season has begun. At this time, in the city of Cusco, the parks, gardens, and green spaces, breathe and oxygen just feels fresher. You can distinguish all over the scent of multicolored flowers.

After the mists or rains our streets look wet and clean. Dust is not a problem at this time of the year. The weather is constantly changing. It can rain in the morning and then, after a few hours, a bright sun surprises you. Or, while the sun is shining, it can also rain. This is all something that people love to fee in this season. They go to the plazas and streets to get wet while also enjoying the sun.

Rain and Sun together in Cusco (Hebert Edgardo Huamani Jara)
Rain and Sun together in Cusco (Hebert Edgardo Huamani Jara)

In the picanterías of San Blas I heard several times a group of friends, male and female, joke about how the weather is like a woman from Cusco. You never know how she will be and must always be prepared. One moment she will be sunny and in another a torrential rain will fall. Laughingly, they said that Cusco’s weather fluctuating along with the mood of its women.

If you walk for some 20 minutes, to the Temple of the Moon you can feel the living vegetation. Everything is green. The fields have their earth turned and are waiting for the rains. The small streams of the area fill and become deep and wide. You also see a variety of birds playing among themselves and singing while hidden in the trees and bushes.

The people of Cusco distinguish between male and female rains. The female is light, calm, and goes away after a bit. They say the male rain has greater intensity and last longer than the female.

Beginning in August, you can see what we call the “rose” which is the act of burning the vegetation in the agricultural fields. These are done in order to fertilize the fields and so that when the rains come they can water the prepared fields. In Cusco, wherever there are fields, they do the rose. You will see the farmers doing it during August in their fields.

Smoke from Burning Fields Near Chinchero (Photo: Wayra)
Smoke from Burning Fields Near Chinchero (Photo: Wayra)

To walk through the countryside at this time of year is to experience one of the greatest wonders you can. Without getting too far away from the city, you can easily breathe in the scent of damp earth that has been turned. The vegetation comes alive after the long dry season and everything just looks much more alive.

The hills surrounding the city of Cusco turn Green and fresh breezes come down. This time of year you have to always be ready for the changes and carry a coat. It might be sunny and warm, or rainy and cold. You never know.

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