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Ceviche in Cusco

This rainy morning was incredible. I met a young tourist who had just arrived in the city of Cusco. We met at the Maximo Nivel language school. She is a volunteer from the State of Georgia in the United States.

We speak to practice English for me and Spanish for her. One of the benefits offered by the institute is the “tandem.” It is a work of two people of different nationalities like us. It consists of both practicing the opposite language. For example, with my partner from tandem, we do Spanish for half an hour and the other half in English.

Today, after doing the tandem, we went to find something to eat. We visited the traditional San Blas market. There was a bit of everything there. After seeing so many options, we chose to enjoy a delicious dish of ceviche.

At the beginning, when we got comfortable, my partner told me that she had never eaten this type of dish before, but Had read about it and was eager to try it.

We waited about ten minutes to start eating the ceviche. Meanwhile, they offered us a small glass of tiger milk and a bowl of toasted corn.

The dishes looked amazing, they were well decorated with colors that attracted a lot of attention. We started to taste and everything was amazing for her. On the other hand, for me it was normal because it is as a dish I often eat there.

When I finished eating the ceviche, I asked my partner how the dish had seemed to her. She told me that she liked it but that it was not as sensational as she had read. I told her that in Cusco the ceviche is like that, but if you want to enjoy a good dish of ceviche you have to go to the north or Lima.

The owner of the food stand heard everything and told us that she taught tourists how to prepare ceviche. She showed us a sign and told us that next to the sea is where the real and fresh ceviche is eaten.

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