Celebration for the Anniversary La Convencion Province

The celebration of the anniversary of the province of La Convención whose capital is Quillabamba, is celebrated on June 25. However, the celebrations are extended throughout the month of July, as they consider it as their jubilee month. During this month, the Provincial Municipality, District Municipalities, as well as Public and Private Institutions organize cultural and sports events in honor of the anniversary.

Among the most important activities we can mention:

COCLA fair. This fair takes place in the COCLA fairground, which is10 min from the Plaza de Armas of Quillabamba. It has taken place every July since 1983. It is an agricultural, artisanal, and agro-industrial fair where exhibitors from different districts of the province and throughout Peru are invited to participate by exhibiting their handicrafts, their best animals, their best products. In turn, at this fair they offer different typical dishes. The fair closes with a flourish involving the participation of local, national, and international music.

Another very important event is the “Quillamistura 2018”. It is a gastronomic festival with three categories: Public in General, Restaurants, and Confectionery. It will take place on July 14 in the morning in the Plaza de Armas of Quillabamba. The Municipality has given until June 28 to register your participation in the festival as an exhibitor.

For this Gastronomic festival the renowned professional chef of haute cuisine specializing in Peruvian food, Angelica Sasaki, has confirmed her presence.

Another event that is held for the anniversary is the election of the Queen of Coffee or “Miss Quillabamba”.

There are also cock fights, tournaments, motorcross competitions and other sports.

It should be noted that as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Convention, the COMUFE “Municipal Commission of celebrations” organized that farmers can bring their products from La Convención to the Huancaro Fair of Cusco. Their participation is very important, especially with the exhibition of their coffee.

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