Carnival of Sao Paulo 2019 Honor to Peru and Its Culture

Last March 3, the samba school crowned 4 times champion of the carnival called “United School of Villa María” of the city of São Paulo paid a great tribute to Peru during the allegorical parade of the 2019 São Paulo Carnival.

A great tribute “IN THE WINGS OF THE GREAT BIRD, THE FLIGHT OF VILA MARIA, TO THE EMPIRE OF THE SUN” was a great honor to present this tribute to our Peruvian beauty and wealth.

The school was amazed by the culture, history, folklore, music and gastronomy of Peru, which I do not hesitate to represent it in allegorical cars, costumes, dances and statues honoring the great Empire of the Sun, representing the cultures as well as the Lord of Sipán, Chavin, Nazca, as well as the products of the Sierra and Jungle Coast, a beautiful fusion of fantasy  Peruvian -Brasilera that transported us to a world of colors, brightness and samba.

Señor de Sipan
Señor de Sipán

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