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Beauty Attracts and in Tea Heals, Fresh Chamomile in Cuzco

Plants, including herbs, have a great value for the people of Cuzco. Not only are they used for food, they also have medicinal value. Although people in the city, rely on them from time to time to heal ails, it is in the countryside that people rely on them to the fullest.

Ordinary people, those from rural Cuzco and especially the oldest people are the ones who know everything about medicinal herbs.

The Chamomile Flowers (Photo: Walter Coraza)
The Chamomile Flowers (Photo: Walter Coraza)

Some of the plants not valued much anymore in the city are the eucalyptus, horsetail, corn, mallow, and chamomile. They are found in gardens and on the hills of the city but in Cuzco’s downtown people have forgotten about our natural medicine and do not use them much.

Chamomile, called manzanilla, is one of the most important. Its flowers provide many benefits.

Even though a lot of people only think now that you can drink it as a refreshing herb tea, it has lots of ability to cure various ills, such as menstrual cramps, stomach and intestinal cramps, headaches, colds, flu, fever, etc.

Chamomile Tea (Photo: Wayra)
Chamomile Tea (Photo: Wayra)

To treat these ills with chamomile, you need some very fresh flowers. You infuse them in hot water to make tea. Then you sip the very hot tea and watch. It will alleviate these pains and problems.

If any one suffers one of these ills, they should drink at least three cups of very hot chamomile tea made with fresh flowers.

Chamomile is sold in fresh in all of the markets of Cuzco. Many women also plant it in their house garden for its beauty and to always have it available when needed.

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