As Cusqueño as Apple Pie

Sweets and desserts are one of the great riches that we always enjoy in Cuzco. While some are prepared commercially and exhibited in glass cases others are made in our homes.

There are various varieties of desserts that are easy to prepare and whose ingredients are easy to obtain and inexpensive. One of these is arroz con leche, or rice pudding. It is delicious and is even better if you serve it with our purple corn pudding.

Another of our favorite desserts which we eat whenever we can is apple pie. It is absolutely scrumptious and hard to resist.

We have two ways of making a delicious apple pie.

The first involve blending the apples into a puree while the second requires you cut them into thin sheets like wafers. We only use the apples we call peritos which are green and remind you of a pear because of their shape.

All that you need to make a delicious pie are water, flour, sugar, egg, cinnamon, and apples.

Perita Apples Make Tasty Pies (Wayra)
Perita Apples Make Tasty Pies (Wayra)

We first make the pie shell, or masa. It is made here by mixing egg whites with the flour. Then you add a bit of water and begin to rub the firm dough to build a good pie shell.

Once that is done you add the main ingredient which is the apples, either in puree or in slices, along with sugar and ground cinnamon.

Most of the pies in restaurants and stores, which are really attractive, are made with apple puree. The pies that are made at home generally use sliced apples. Many people prefer them like that.

You can eat your pie along with whatever drink you enjoy. It has such a special and unique as well as enticing flavor that it can combine well with almost anything. We love our apple pie.

In the United States people say things are “as American” as apple pie, but we also have the pie and love it. Maybe we should say things are “as Cusqueño apple pie.” It is truly a food found throughout our city and much appreciated and enjoyed.

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