Cusco’s Artisans “Meritorious Personality”

Cusco is a city with a great variety of culture and traditions. Among these we have a great variety of typical crafts that diverse communities of the whole region offer and that delight many people for their creativity and beauty.

Cusco’s crafts are a mixture between two important traditions (Andean and colonial). Cusco art is of undoubted quality expressed in imagery, textiles, silverware and ceramics.

For this reason, the Ministry of Culture granted the Association of Great Artisan Masters of the Cusco Region the distinction of “Meritorious Personality of Culture” for its great contribution to the traditional art of Cusco through the conservation of its uses, knowledge, techniques and iconography.

This Association is made up of 25 teachers with more than forty years dedicated to the art of Cusco who contribute to the sustainable cultural development of the Cusco region. Among all its recognitions, the UNESCO Prize of Excellence for Handicrafts of 2014 was awarded to Hilda Valeria Cachi Yupanqui in silverware and Ruth Pimentel in textiles. Another of his recognitions is the National Amautas Crafts Prize awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

As this association is composed of many groups of Cusco artisans who from time to time hold fairs and presentations of their art in the streets of the city of Cusco which are a great attraction for tourists. This art has become a historical symbol and a pure expression of popular art that is spreading throughout the world to the wonder and beauty of humanity.

“We invite you to appreciate and value this great wealth that our beautiful city can offer you and remember that art is a way of expressing our feelings and experiences.”

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