Art and Food by the Sea, Mate in Barranco

Art takes many forms and, as a result, makes the world smile each day. Without art life would seem much less vivid and meaningless. But meaning and vividness spring forth in the Barranco district of Lima. It lives and breathes art and imagination is the most important.

The famous Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino brought together there great arts, sophisticated and fine photography, amazing painting, as well as exquisite gastronomy to form a restaurant gallery. He located it in Barranco on the seaside–among Bohemians, artists, and thinkers to please and challenge Peruvians and foreigners. There he can display the work that has made him very well known all around the world as well as that of others.

He created the perfect place and called it Mate, the Asociación Mario Testino to promote the appreciation of art. The name is two syllables that in their simplicity invoke in Spanish the matte finish of many photographs, an herbal tea, and the end of a chess game.

Mate, Asociación Mario Testino
Mate, Asociación Mario Testino

When we arrive, the first thing we notice is its fabulous facade painted in an expressionist style that is beautifully restored. In it Mario displays his finest photos that include the world’s most beautiful women. Other shows exhibit the work of a variety of outstanding artists.

We experience the display in the elegant infrastructure of the home itself with its hints of a romantic past. Its walls are the perfect background and framing for these brilliant photographs.

After enjoying the exposition, you can enter the restaurant. It has a well designed and complete menu. There we find gourmet dishes made from an exquisite quality of raw ingredients such as salmon, tuna, lobster. These sophisticated materials fuse together with Peruvian ingredients to make fabulous dishes worthy of the place.

Visitors pause to rest after their path through the display of images. The restaurant offers them a tranquil and pleasurable place, either in its main salon or on tis terrace.

The salon offers an elegant atmosphere adorned with sculptures and scenes of Peruvian heroes. Its calm allows you to enjoy the delights.

On the other hand, the terrace is an open air environment in trees where the sea breeze and the cries of sea birds play through sparkling leaves. There diners feel free and fresh, able to converse for a while about their great experience in the gallery.

Mate offers much art within its walls. Visitors enjoy murmuring as it impacts them or standing in silent admiration, before going to enjoy food that would please the finest palates anywhere in the world.

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