Adventure Tourism Claims Cuzco

Adventure tourism is a mode of alternative tourism that, without any doubt, generates great excitement among national and International visitors to Cuzco. The main idea is to have experiences that require lots of effort and also risk. As a result they help the tourist experience achievements in overcoming various environments.

Adventure tourism requires a certain degree of specialization among tour guides so that the trip can meet the needs of the tourist for personal safety, quality of equipment in the camps, condition of any vehicles, quality of food and drink, optimal paths, and excellent natural scenery.  It also requires the tourist meet requirements depending on the kind of tour planned.  These requirements are necessary for the tourist to really enjoy their tour and have good experiences that will be unforgettable.

In various regions of the country adventure tourism is promoted. These are places where tourism depends to a large extent on the glory of natural resources and especially lesser developed environments which give a touch of mystery to the adventure.

Horseback Riding in Cuzco
Horseback Riding in Cuzco

At the present time adventure tourism is winning ever more popularity. This has caused travel agencies to innovate new modes of adventure tours to accommodate the growing variety of interests and the great demand of tourists to carry out the tours that are offered while living adventures of different degrees and intensities. Among the common modes of adventure tourism one finds mountain climbing, trekking (consisting of hiking through different kinds of landscapes and sceneries that lead to particular attractions), rafting, biking, horse back riding, etc.

Tourism has a large economic impact on our region and adventure tourism is a growing part of that.

Toursits Hiking the Southern Cosmic Belt
Toursits Hiking the Southern Cosmic Belt


Tips for a good adventure traveler:

A traveler should not travel just for traveling’s sake. A traveler should know how to visit a destination, knowing the most adequate form for enjoying their vacations. For this reason we provide some tips which can help you on your trip.

  • When traveling, it is important you know as much as you can about the place you are going to visit, its customs, language, and more..
  •  Take care of the places you visit and follow the instructions provided by your guides and authorities.
  •  Always carry with you a map of the place you are visiting and a compass.  This will help you if you ever get lost.
  •  You should always be careful to not get dehydrated. When you go to a hot climate or are in bright sunlight you will lose a lot of liquid. To avoid dehydration it is important to take with you the proper amount of liquid and take regular sips, such as every fifteen minutes.
  •  To avoid the effects of high altitude it is always recommendable that you carry medications that can help with it. You should also not forget your first aid kit for any emergency.
  •  You should also take into account the issue of fatigue. Not being in proper shape or not practicing the activity regularly can mean that nota ll people can follow the same Soutine as more experienced travelers. That means it is important to rest or to ask for a break when your body starts to tire.  It is not wise to demand too much of your body.

It’s in your hands to make your travel not just a trip, but an experience.

Tourists Taking a Break after The Crossing
Tourists Taking a Break after The Crossing


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