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Acurio’s Peruvian Hot Sauces

Peru has wonderful sauces made from hot peppers.  Indeed aji, the Peruvian word for these piquant chiles, is the foundation of Peruvian cuisine, but it is also something to be added at the end, in the moment your fork descends to plate.  Recently, Peru’s celebrated chef and hero, Gastón Acurio, listed ten different hot sauces on his Facebook Page with an outline of how they are made.  Here they are in translation.

1.- Red rocoto pepper blended, seeds and all.  Strain.  Add drops of lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin, a splash of ground garlic, and finely minced parsley.

2.-  Yellow aji lightly fried and then blended, salt, pepper, cumin, a dash of mustard, vegetable oil, a bit of fresh cheese, and a pinch of huacatay. Blend everything.

3.- Green rocoto, peanuts, tamarillo, hucatay, ground garlic, lime, salt, pepper, cumin, fresh cheese.  Blend well.

4.- Charapa aji, diced cocona fruit, ground garlic, finely diced red onion, minced aji limo, lemon, minced sacha culantro, salt, pepper.

5.- Mochero aji, charapita aji, yellow aji limo, all blended whole.  sieve.  Lime, salt, pepper.

6.- Charapa aji, vinagre, salt, pepper, sugar cumin, sacha culantro, onion, garlic, water, blend.

7.- A whole rocoto, ground garlic, a lot of huacatay, a bit of onion, process until you have a green sauce.

8.- Yellow aji, garlic and onion lightly sauteed, soda craker, oil, vinagre, lime, cooked egg yolk, cheese, milk, huacatay.  blend.

9.- Rocoto, onion, mint, salt, pepper, cumin, vinagrer  process.

10.- Rocoto, aji limo, vinagre, salt, ginger, scallion, whit pepper, sugar, blend.  Add more green onion.


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