A Trip to Lares Delights

The Lares Valley has medicinal baths whose waters spring up from the root of the Pachamama and give health, fun, and rest to those who come to visit.

To arrive you can take one of two routes: Cusco – Pisaq – Calca – Lares; o Cusco – Chinchero – Urubamba – Calca – Lares.

The Path to Lares
The Path to Lares (Luis Alejandro Olivera Echegaray)

The whole way there is paved for ease of arrival. Still, it does take several hours to get there. The trip itself is an experience. You are on a road that snakes and in the highlands you will see children by the road who are herding their llamas and alpacas in the highland pastures. The come up to the road and wait in hopes that people will give them some fruit, candy, and even clothing.

Since their parents make a long trek to work or to sell their animals, the children remain in charge of them and only with difficulty can know anything else while young. That is why when someone gives them something or shares something with them they are happy.

We continue our trek until we arrive at the pass, the Abra de Lares, where you can seem the mountain range and many high peaks, as well as the apachetas of stones that are left here as offerings. At 4461 msnm, cold penetrates to your bones if you get out of your car. If you wish to leave your car make sure you carry a good coat.

Your descent into the valley begins and you see lot of camelids and sheep running here and there or just grazing. Little by little the climate changes, the temperature rises, as you go down.

A little waterfall by the path
A little waterfall by the path (Luis Alejandro Olivera Echegaray)

A sign welcoming you to Lares stands at the entrance to a small plaza where you can find stores, food stands, and a bus stop for the buses between here and Calca. The hot springs are 300 meters from the town. You can either walk or take one of the moto taxis on the plaza.

By the river you find the hot springs. There are six pools, each with different temperatures between 36 and 44 degrees celsius. There are also well kept lawns on which you can set up camp. First you must pay an entrance fee.

– Turistas (foreigners) 10.00 soles
– Turistas (foreign children) 5.00 soles
– Peruvians 4.00 soles
– Peruvian children from 10-14 2.00 soles
– Peruvian children from 5 a 14 2.00 soles
– Rooms 50.00 soles
– Space for tents 7.00 soles

You must present your ID, whether DNI, Passport, or carnet to be able to by an entrance ticket. Inside you will find, besides the baths and space for camping, bathrooms, a simple hotel, and kiosks offering food, drink, and snacks

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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