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A Recipe for Chiriuchu, Cuzco’s Iconic Food

Yesterday afternoon was the last chiriuchu fair in the Plaza San Francisco until the eighth day after the procession. A multitude of people filled the area in order to enjoy this magnificent dish as part of the feast of Corpus Christi.

As always, the caseras—vendors—had prepared their stands to demonstrate the torrejas (corn cakes), the guinea pig, and the chicken that they would cut up to make up servings of chiriuchu. They also decorated their stands with large rocotos in order to attract clients from among the crowd.

Cusco's Festive Dish, Chiriuchu (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Cusco’s Festive Dish, Chiriuchu (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The dishes cost 20/S and people filled the stands to eat while drinking down a coca cola, an Inca Cola, or the never missing beer.


  • Boiled chicken
  • baked guinea pig
  • chalona ( a kind of jerkey)
  • lamb
  • chorizo (suasage or hot dog)
  • cheese
  • cau cau (fish eggs)
  • sea weed
  • corn
  • flour
  • Green onions
  • rocoto
  • huacatay
  • cumin
  • salt
  • garlic
  • egg
  • pbaking powder
  • turmeric
  • oil


An Enchanting Vendor of Chiriuchu (Walter Coraza Morveli)
An Enchanting Vendor of Chiriuchu (Walter Coraza Morveli)

First, season the cuy with garlic, cumin, and salt, both inside and out the day before cooking.

Beat egg whites until stiff. Add yolks and beat along with flour. To get the right thickness add a bit of chicken stock. Beat well and add diced onion greens, turmeric, a bit of salt and the baking powder.

Fry up as torrejas, cakes.

Boil up the meats. When they are ready cut them into serving sizes.

Wash the seaweed well and boil the fish eggs. Toast corn and cook up your chorizos or sausage.

Now everything is ready to be served by being pile don a plate cold. You eat it by tasting a bit of one item followed by another until you have somehow eaten away the food.

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