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A Cuzco Delight: Italian Style Tripe

We have a tasty tradition of food which day by day surprises with the delicious dishes offered in our city. One of the more well known and delicious offerings is mondonguito Italiano, Italian Tripe. It is prepared in a range of restaurants but especially in our markets and in the traditional picanterias of Cuzco.


–tripe (cow’s stomach)
–white potato
–vegetable oil
–ground garlic


First wash thoroughly the trip and then boil it. Once it is ready cut the meat into long strips. Wash and cook your rice. Then fry the potatoes cut into strips. Boil your carrots and peas. Now make an aderezo (dressing or base) by frying the garlic, onion cut into strips, and season it with the cumin, pepper, salt, and sibarita (monosodium glutamate with aji–ground chile). When it is ready add a bit of the stock made from the stomach. Add the potatoes, carrots, and peas as well as the strips of tripe. Mix together to season and color well. Finally serve it with the white rice. Decorate your dish with julienned tomato, and a dusting of minced parsley. It is now ready for your enjoyment.


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