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A Classic of Cusco, Cucumber Salad

Cucumber, Fresh Salad Homemade

Cucumber, Fresh Salad Homemade

Cusco’s food is good and agreeable. We have a variety of dishes in which any person can find pleasure. We like to eat them accompanied by a spicy ají, a hot pepper or a hot sauce, and by a fresh salad.
Different hot sauces flow from the hands of people at the lunch hour and our salads are not different. They too come in a range and are found on our tables to accompany any main dish.

Restaurants and markets make up salads from different ingredients and they go with our main courses. We do not eat salads alongside our first courses, our soups. A little salad goes alongside the main dish on the plate and you can eat the two in sequence, a little of this and then a little of that until you have enjoyed your food and left your plate clean.

One of our classic salads is made from cucumbers. It is frequently made. Generally the cucumber is combined with tomatoes in small cubes or in thin slices in order to make up a fresh salad. However, they are not enough to give the salad great flavor. They need one fundamental ingredient more, what people call condiments for salads.

We are talking about lime and salt. These two ingredients are fundamental so that this salad of cucumber and tomato obtains its unique and proper flavor. To obtain it, you just squeeze the lime over the salad until you have gotten all of its juice and then you add a bit of salt. A couple of turns of the salad and it is now ready with its deep and refreshing flavor.

Fresh Salad with Cucumber
Fresh Salad with Cucumber

Furthermore, cucumber satisfies all palates with its flavor. It is also used to remove sunburn from the face. The cucumber is cut in fine slices and it placed so that it covers the face of people who have been exposed to the sun for various hours. In just ten minutes you feel an instant relief and then can remove the masque.

Cucumber is available for sale in all of the markets of our city. Our caseras, market women, sell it according to size. You can obtain it at a price of 1 /S, a comfortable price for all.

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