Solving the problem of Burned Rice

One problem we have in our homes is forgetting about the rice on the stove and then it smells of burn.  When this happens we often do not have time to cook more rice and still have to eat that which we have messed up. Or, if we have time, we throw it away and start over again.


  1. Cooked Rice with Onion (Brayan Coraza Morveli)
    Cooked Rice with Onion (Brayan Coraza Morveli)

    Here we give you four remedies to take away the bad scent and taste from your rice.1. A standard remedy is to take a roll, one of the ordinary breads of Peru, and spit it in half. Place it on the hot rice and within ten minutes you will see that it has absorbed the bad scent and flavor; it has removed it from your rice.

You can also use bread to calm the burning sensation of many foods caused by hot peppers. If you have used the hot pepper in your soup, cut it in half and place it in the soup and you will see how it cuts down the burn.

  1. Onions are also a good remedy for taking away bad odor. You just cut them in half and put them on the rice. Cover the pot for a few minutes until the rice no longer smells of burn.

Onion peels will also remove bad scent from your rice. Scatter it over the top of your rice, cover, and wait until the bad smell is gone.

  1. Potatoes can also be useful for this task. Cut them in small rounds and place them over the rice. You will see how little by little they absorb the scent and remove it from your rice.
  2. Another remedy is orange peel. It helps remove bad smells from your clothes and the rice. Dry the peel and then place it on top of the cooked rice or in places where there is a bad scent. Cover until the odor is gone.

As we said, orange peel is also good for removing bad scents from clothes. Dry the peel in sunlight and then place it in places with a bad scent, such as in your backpacks, purses, and more. You will see how the bad odor is dispelled.

Orange peel is also good for making teas which can help maintain good digestion.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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