4 days ago

    The Ekeko or God Of Abundance

    Every January is celebrated “the day of the ekeko”, also known as Iquiqu or tunupa. He is a deity venerated…
    2 weeks ago

    The Feast of The Pattern of San Sebastian Cusco

    The city of Cusco is a magical place that has a great cultural diversity that is actively developed throughout the…
    3 weeks ago

    San Sebastian’s Famous Pear Soup Delights All

    San Sebastian, a District of the City of Cuzco, is in fiesta during the month of January. Its celebration includes…
    3 weeks ago

    Bernardo’s Encounter with a Goblin

    Many stories about gold objects of great monetary value circulate in the villages of the sierra. They include figures such…
    4 weeks ago

    The Cochas, Lakes, and Beliefs About Them

    The cocha is the name with which the lagoons and lakes are popularly known. Some are called savages or virgins…
    4 weeks ago

    The decent of the kings in Cusco

    The year 2023 began full of good wishes, good fortune, and a lot of positivism. But the final part of…
    30 December, 2022

    A List of Auguries to Receive the New Year

    A few days before New Year’s Eve, most of the people of Cusco are eager to start the year in…
    26 December, 2022

    Why should we eat pork in the New Year?

    In many places, the dish to receive the New Year is pork-based. Every year,dishes such as adobo, roast pork, grilled…

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      15 August, 2022

      Cuzco Eats was chosen in the Top 30 best blogs in Peru

      Cuzco Eats was chosen as one the best blogs in Peru among the thousands of Peruvian blogs on the web.…
      5 August, 2022

      History and Information About Cusco

      Important points of the history of Cusco starting from the Plaza de Armas. In Inca times, what is today the…
      2 August, 2022

      Cusco: Top 5 Energy Places to Visit in 2022

      Mother nature has different energy centers, which are considered as sources of power. They are charged with energy and human…
      19 July, 2022

      The Inca Chosen Women and the Acllahuasi

      The first educational institutions in Cusco were created by Inca Roca and perfected by Inca Pachacutec. Among them we have…
      16 February, 2022

      Cusco is one of the Best Destinations in the World 2022

      Recently, the digital platform TripAdvisor announced the Travelers Choice Awards 2022 where the city of Cusco is listed as one…
      19 January, 2022

      Paru Paru Community, Living Culture in the highlands

      The Paru Paru community is located almost reaching the highest peaks of the Apus (mountain spirits) of Pisaq, it is…
      11 November, 2021

      Florida Water Refreshes, Cleanses, and Renews

      The florida water is a cologne with a relaxing aroma for the body, mind and spirit, many people around the…
      18 October, 2021

      Peru Obtains Six Nominations in the World Travel Awards Global 2021

      Peru has won for eight consecutive years the award for the best culinary destination in the world and for several…
      31 August, 2021

      Machu Picchu will be the world’s first Carbon Neutral tourist destination

      Great news for the people of Cusco and the whole of Peru is the world certification of Neutral Carbon towards…
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