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Zing Zips through Cuzco’s Markets and Into Glasses

Orange Juice Has Rich Benefits (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Nothing is better than a glass of orange juice during breakfast, It adds zing to your day and brings you luck.

Oranges come to Cuzco every weekend from Quillabamba, one of Cuzco’s provinces. There they produce a rich variety with an exquisite flavor. Thanks to its great production, Quillabamba is known as the place of orange.

While staying in Cuzco’s jungle, in Quillabamaba, I saw many fields of oranges trees. They were filled with fresh oranges that tempted you to try one. Children such as I walk around these fields everyday to go to school and if thirsty climb up a tree to get a juicy orange.

There are many things to know about oranges. It has great benefits for the body. If you drink a cold glass of juice will help you to get better from what ever makes you feel less than perfect.

Oranges For Sale in Vinocanchon Market (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Oranges For Sale in Vinocanchon Market (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

This fruit delights you all year round, but especially in winter. It is a rich source of vitamin C. In Cuzco we claim its benefits in many recipes. We love to enjoy it in juices, desserts, and dishes

We can find these bittersweet fruit in each of Cuzco’s markets, Vinocanchón is the biggest one. All products arrive there and in its reaches you will find good and juicy oranges, At home we love to make a naranjada that is a Pitcher of orange Juice.

Oranges claim the city these days and make our mornings happy. Let us take advantage its precious benefits and enjoy it in our favorite recipe this winter season when it rains in Cuzco.

Editor’s note: Though technically it is summer in the southern hemisphere, in Cuzco many people consider it “winter” because of the rains that fall daily and the humid chill can can enter all the way to ones bones.

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