The Year of the Rooster 2017 – Chinese Horoscope

The long year of the monkey finished to give relief to the fire cock that begins on January 28, 2017 in the Chinese Calendar and many in Cusco will be paying attention. In its yin form, fire represents warmth and inner vision as well as the goodness of intimate and family relations.

Unlike the other signs of the Chinese Horoscope, the fire cock is made up of a single element. Therefore, we are awaiting times of righteousness and justice. Public and private entities are favored during the period of its reign.

According to Chinese history, the Goddess Nuwa created humans after the God Pangu created nature. It is said that before creating human beings, roosters, dogs, pigs, goats, oxen, and horses were created. The rooster was created so that we knew the time, the dog to keep us company, the pig and the goat to feed us, and finally the ox and the horse to help us in the work of the field.

The cycle of rotation of the months, seasons and days bring variety to the energy flow of the 5 Elements (Wu Xing). The presence of a single predominant element in this annual cycle is not seen as the best omen in Chinese tradition.

That is why during the Year of the Rooster, it is recommended being on the sidelines before considering an investment in new business projects. Taking into account the above, the best option we have to start new projects would be to do them during the fall or the last weeks of each season. The periods of final seasons are represented by the earth element, which is very important for stabilization, particularly during the period of the Rooster. That is why this year is marked by success for those who have endured the period of the skinny cows of a business project.


Paru paru

1 Day Experiences

Rainbow Mountain

1 Day retreats

If you are single, this is a good year to start a new relationship. However, relationships that have grown into solid marriages could be affected by extraneous reasons. An example would be a trip for professional or family studies. Do not forget that this year is conducive to weddings as the red color (fire element color) is the traditional color of the wedding dress in China and other Asian countries, while white color symbolizes mourning.

If you are expecting the birth of a baby during this year, the future little rooster will have a temperament less irritable than normal. If you want the child not to have a proud and ostentatious character, it would be better to wait until next year, since the next is the year of the dog and consequently the child will be intelligent and skilled.

This coming year that is governed by the fire rooster whose virtues are justice, perseverance and transparency rewards those who understand their karma.





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