World Tourism Day Enchants Cuzco

Yesterday and today, Cuzco celebrates World Tourism Day declared by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The UN notes that tourism is a trillion dollar industry which affects people everywhere. This year the international theme emphasizes tourism and water.

In Cuzco they day began on the 27 with officials, music and dance receiving the first flights of tourists at the Velasco Astete Airport and continues today with cultural events and celebrations.

Walking Trough Cuzco's Inca Streets (Photo: Walter Coraza)
Walking Trough Cuzco’s Inca Streets (Photo: Walter Coraza)


Dressed for a celebration, the city offers concerts of live music, colorful dances, and many other activities where tourists and the people of Cuzco can celebrate and enjoy this day that is particularly dear to the hearts of Cuzqueños.

Universities, institutes and other towns have developed activities that not only celebrate but share ideas around tourism and how to improve it especially in relationship to water.

Cuzco's Plaza de Armas (Photo: Walter Coraza)
Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas (Photo: Walter Coraza)

Tourism is, without doubt, the most important sector of Cuzco’s economy and has an impact of its entire population. Nevertheless, the people of Cuzco are excited to share not just the archeological sites but their entire way of life, their culture with visitors from the entire world. Sharing our lives with them is very important for us.

Walter Coraza Morveli

Hi. I live in Cuzco and I am very proud of having been born in this ancient land. I feel part of all the culture of Cuzco and it makes me feel alive amongst our mountains. Above all, I love to immerse myself in our history and be able to write about our ways of life, as well as document them through photography.

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